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La Primavera Dress

026 034 For those of you who love a cute summer dress – La Primavera Dress is now published and ready to buy on Ravelry. It includes the instructions to knit the short sleeved (pictured) 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve versions and, as with La Primavera Top, you can choose from two different hem finishes too. I love giving you all great value for money. Knit yourself a cute little short-sleeved cotton number for the summer and then cast on a long sleeved merino version for the winter.

As you can see, there’s a lot of stocking stitch but doesn’t this just make it the perfect holiday knit? You can let your mind wander as you sit on the beach or by the pool with all that mindless stocking stich which also allows you to sip on that Pina Colada without worrying about messing up a complicated pattern! Bonus! I hope you enjoy it.

For all of my dedicated blog followers if you type in the code SUZIE at check-out on Ravelry you’ll get this dress for half price until 15th July 2015. Happy Knitting everyone!


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