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Taking your Knitting on Holiday

It’s that time of the year (finally!) when hopefully we’re all looking forward to our summer holiday (in the Northern Hemisphere at least!). The topic I wanted to throw out there is, do you take your knitting on holiday with you? I do. I’d be lost without my knitting – even on a short weekend away. Long car journeys and flights provide us with a precious few hours of knitting time, not to mention the many hours you may be lucky enough to have sitting around pools or on balconies (with the optional cocktail close to hand, naturally!).

beach knitting

This isn’t a plug for my latest pattern, La Primavera Dress,  honest, but it does have the attribute I look for in a holiday knitting project – it’s easy. Lots and lots of in-the-round stocking stitch. Mindless knitting to be done relaxing by the pool. Who wants the stress of a complex pattern when they’re supposed to be chilling out? Having to frog a complex lace pattern back a few rows can bring you down – why would I want to invite that possibility in to my precious holiday time?!

034 026

Knitting something like a summer dress has the added bonus that potentially you could finish it and wear it on that holiday!

Which brings me on to my next point on holiday knitting projects – is it ok to take my knitting on the plane? Aren’t knitting needles banned? My short answer to this is No. My long and legally astute answer is “always check with your airline”.

knitting on plane

I’ve travelled with a lot of airlines, budget and mainstream and I’ve always taken my knitting in my carry-on luggage without a problem. I even once had a female security member take out my knitting and inspect it more thoroughly than I thought was appropriate. Worried that she was going to be the first to confiscate my knitting I asked her if everything was ok, to which she replied “oh yes, I was just being nosy, I knit too!”

The golden rule is to use your common sense: don’t take long straight metal needles, they look threatening at the best of times so chances are they will be categorized as a deadly weapon in the right hands! I use bamboo interchangeable circulars and they never get confiscated. At the end of the day, I suppose a little wooden interchangeable needle is no different to a pencil?

airplane-knitThe only thing I have had confiscated (twice) by security at an airport is my little embroidery scissors. They were only the tiny 3″ ones which some airlines let you through with and some confiscate. After loosing two pairs I now make sure that my knitting for the plane is not going to require scissors. You can buy a rather fancy yarn cutter from clover which is apparently allowed through airport security and looks very nice too! I’ve also taken aluminium stitch holders, tapestry needles for sewing-up and aluminium crochet hooks through with no problems.

Do you knit on planes? do your holidays provide you with the rare opportunity to do some interruption-free knitting? If you do decide you’d like to have a go at La Primavera Dress the pattern is half price to blog followers until July 15th using the code SUZIE at checkout on Ravelry. Happy Holiday Knitting everyone!


3 thoughts on “Taking your Knitting on Holiday

  1. Oh, the first few times I took my knitting, it was so stressful. By now I’ve found out there is no problem though. It’s funny how apparently nobody seems to be surprised even by the sight of somebody knitting in-flight, I kind of expected that at least..


    1. I’ve also heard of people taking dental floss in their carry-on to use the cutter for their knitting! It’s amazing to see what us knitters will do to not be separated from our knitting 🙂


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