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Tilly Lace Socks and The Lace Sock Collection E-Book

Phew, at last they are completed – my fourth and final pair of lace socks in the Lace Sock Collection E-Book. I had serious Second Sock Syndrome with this pair, but I don’t think I’ll be too hard on myself since this was the eighth sock I’d knit in less than a month!!


The Tilly Lace Socks Pattern is available in both Cuff-Down and Toe-Up Versions (as are the other 3 pairs) for the bargain price of just £1.75 here on Ravelry.

But if you have liked the other 3 pairs I’ve designed this month then you might like the super value of buying all four pairs in The Lace Sock Collection E-Book. It Contains (from left to right in the picture below) Annabel Lace Socks, Chloe Lace Socks, Lydia Lace Socks and Tilly Lace Socks.

Lace Socks Ebook

Perfect Pretty Girlie Sock Knitting for the Autumn! Treat your feet today! (gosh did I actually just type that?! I am tired….these socks have drained me……… Large glass of Vino Blanco for me I think!!)

Happy Weekend Knitting everyone!


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