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Cheap Yarn Love

On Monday I introduced you all to my 5 brand spanking new hat patterns. One thing that will surprise a lot of experienced knitters perhaps is my choice of yarn for these projects – a (wince as you say it) 100% acrylic yarn. Gasp! “Why would an experienced knitter ever reach for a yarn so far down the yarn-food-chain?” I hear you cry. Well, frankly, I love the stuff. Not all acrylic yarns in general I must add, but specifically Stylecraft Special DK. (and before you ask, no I am not sponsored by them or affiliated with them, just a fan)


Over the years I’ve knit countless dozens of items with this yarn and it never ever disappoints. So when I was designing some quick-knit beanie hats this autumn, Stylecraft Special DK, with its fantastic colour range, sang out to me as the yarn to use. It’s smooth, knits up like a dream, shows off lace and cables beautifully, comes in an absolutely amazing range of colours, is widely available (in the UK at least) and best of all – it’s amazingly good value, at just under 2 quid for a 100g ball – cheap enough to knit yourself a whole collection of hats to match all your coats and jackets without breaking the bank (or to make and stash away as Christmas presents). One ball of Stylecraft DK has plenty of yardage to knit any of my beanie hat patterns in even the largest size including a big-ass pom pom.

To keep the knitting-on-a-budget theme going, all of my Beanie Hat Patterns are on sale for just £1.25 each (plus that pesky VAT to customers in the EU) so for less than a cup of Starbucks (or any other high street coffee retailer for that matter) you can knit yourself a fabulous hat or start working on your Christmas gift pile.

So ditch the yarn-snobiness, there’s nothing wrong with knitting up the odd beanie in an acrylic yarn to keep the habit wallet friendly!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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