Suzie Sparkles' Designs

Luella Shawl

Well first things first, Happy New Year everyone! I was quiet on the blogging over the festive period but don’t for one second think that means knitting wasn’t filling (almost) every waking minute for me!

I was busy designing and all of the other more boring things that go along with publishing new patterns.  I’m pleased to introduce you to my newest shawl pattern, Luella.


As you can see, Luella comes in both Triangular and Crescent shapes. I know the shawl knitting community seems to be split into two camps so I thought I’d make this pattern available to all! Both shawls can be very easily adapted to any size you like but each pattern has 3 sizes included – a shawlette (pictured in the Crescent shape in the gorgeous cherry pink colour), a medium sized shawl (pictured in the Triangular shape in the pale orchid colour) and for those who like their shawls on the larger side there’s also a larger size.

Take a look at each pattern’s Ravelry page for more details: Luella Triangular Shawl, Luella Crescent Shawl


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