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Bonnets & Booties

To be honest, I was quite surprised when a friend told me back in February that her hat style of choice for her 6-month-old was a bonnet. “Not a beanie?” I asked, “I do love beanies” She said, “But a bonnet is just so much more practical. Beanies tend to slip off and get lost, or fall on the dirty floor and/or tangled up in buggy wheels. With the bonnet I can tie it under her chin and know it will stay put…… for a while at least.”

I have to admit, there is something totally charming about a bonnet – they make those chubby little baby faces just look so cute. The added bonus which bonnets have over beanies is their inbuilt “scarf” – the eyelet band through which you thread the ribbon also acts as a mini-scarf to keep baby’s neck nice and warm. Don’t you just love it when something is cute and practical?

So, converted to the charm (and practicalities) of bonnets, I set about designing some bonnets to match my baby cardigans and dresses. And while I was at it (because I love you all) I threw in a matching pair of booties for each design too. Don’t say I never give you guys anything. So, here’s the first batch – 4 patterns to match the 4 cardis and dresses in “The Baby Cardi Collection” and “The Baby Dress Collection”.

The Baby Bonnet & Booties Collection-page-001

Each pattern is for a Bonnet & Booties set, and comes in 4 sizes; bonnets are sized from newborn to 3 years old and booties from newborn to 1 year old. But that isn’t all….. oh no folks, each set is also available to be knit with DK yarn and 4-ply yarn. (and I’m talking totally separate patterns with different stitch counts – not just a case of knitting up the same instructions with thinner yarn and needles and hoping on a wing and a prayer that it comes out the size you want).

When you buy any of these pattern sets on Ravelry, you’ll actually receive 2 separate PDFs to download. One for the set to be knit in DK and one for the same pattern set but in 4-ply. A BOGOF. Sure, you might not want both versions right now, but trust me, at some point in the future you’ll be glad of that extra pattern lurking in your library. Baby Layette sets are the go-to quick baby shower saviour (I speak from experience! Do you have any idea how difficult a bootie looks to knit to a non-knitter? It’s almost magical and we’re all in the magic circle and must all swear an oath never to let on to non-knitters just how simple they really are to make)

As if that isn’t enough, you can buy all 4 designs as an E-book collection. And once again, when you buy the E-book, you get 2 separate PDF downloads of the E-book, one for DK yarn and one for 4-ply. More bonnets and booties than you could ever wish to knit in your entire life for just £3.75 (+ VAT). Enjoy!


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