Suzie Sparkles' Designs

Aurora Lace Capelet

In the spirit of summer, garden parties, weddings, regattas and other outdoor events, I designed what I believe to be the perfect cover-up. It combines all of the prettiness of a shawl with the practical-ness (word?) of a cardigan: Aurora Lace Capelet. Don’t you just think it’d make the most amazing shoulder cover knitted up in ivory for a bride? Personally, I love the way it keeps your hands free (for drinking?) without the fear of it getting blown away by a gust of wind! The other bonus is that, as it’s knit in lace weight yarn, it folds up to fit in even the teeny-tiniest of impractical clutch bags – bonus!

And, because I’m super nice, until the end of June if you use the coupon code SUZIEKNITS at the check-out on Ravelry, you’ll get a 20% discount.

I’m off to cast on for my second in mohair replacing the nupps with beads – I think I’m addicted to knitting this capelet, be warned!


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