General Knitty Chat

Suzie Gets Social

Finally! I’ve set up a Suzie Sparkles Facebook page. So if any of you are on Facebook please “like” it – I’m ever so lonely over there on my own!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a “Social Media” kinda gal – in fact I’m totally old school in every way and even setting up that meagre offering of a FaceBook page left me with less hair and more greys than I started the process with, but I realised I’m already behind the times as far as promoting my brand goes so it was high time I dipped my toe in the Social Media water!

While I was at it I also set up on Twitter (in for a penny in for a pound……!) My “handle” (get me using all the lingo!) is @_Suzie_Sparkles so if you’re so inclined please do whatever it is you do to other people on Twitter 🙂

If you don’t expect great things from following me on either platform than you can’t be disappointed – that’s sold it to you all hasn’t it?! Let’s try again…….erm…..I’ll be tweeting and posting fascinating things frequently, don’t miss out!! But seriously, if you like my patterns, please show your love and support, I really do appreciate it.

Happy Weekend Knitting Everyone!


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