Suzie Sparkles' Designs

The Pretty Petal Baby Blanket

I have to admit, I’ve never been one for knitting baby blankets, I always thought I might get a bit bored knitting a blanket and have always preferred to knit garments, bonnets, hats and booties as my go-to baby shower gifts. However, whilst I was getting the patterns test knit for my latest Pretty Petal Dress & Cardi collections, one of my test knitters (who regularly knits baby blankets) remarked on how pretty this particular stitch pattern would look on a blanket.

Pretty Petal Blanket 2-page-001

And so The Pretty Petal Baby Blanket was born and I have joined the legion of knitters who love to knit a baby blanket! I thoroughly enoyed the experience, and for me the stitch pattern repeat was just the perfect length and complexity to keep the knit interesting all the way through. I can see now why so many knitters love to knit baby blankets – they may not be the most mobile of knitting projects but they sure do make perfect TV knitting – and trust me, you’ll begin measuring your blanket in “TV Episodes”

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